What you can expect during a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Session??
This treatment is for incontinence, weak pelvic floor, prolapse, certain cases of chronic pelvic pain, dyspareunia (painful intercourse), and vulvodynia (vulvar pain). It may help you avoid taking medications, further disability, and frustration. You may throw away the pads!!!
Neuromuscular re-education through biofeedback can help you to identify the pelvic floor muscles utilized for normal bowel and bladder function. You will learn the proper techniques of contracting and relaxing these muscles. This will heighten your sensory awareness and your ability to correct any bowel or bladder dysfunction you may be experiencing.
The nurse will apply small sensors to your abdomen. These are much like those that are used during an EKG. She may also insert a small probe in your vagina or rectum. This is usually not painful. A computer is used to provide visual feedback to you and the nurse on how you are performing the exercises. The nurse will explain what is revealed on the computer, and help you become comfortable with identifying your pelvic floor muscles. These measures will assist you in achieving the bowel and bladder control you desire. The tracings on the computer are not complicated and are easy to understand. The nurse will try a variety of approaches to help you become comfortable and identify your pelvic floor muscles correctly.
After the nurse establishes your exercise ability level, she will send you home with a treatment plan and exercise program that is specially suited for you. The plan will be revised during subsequent sessions as you improve and begin to master these exercises. For optimum results, it is important that you remain motivated and follow through with the treatment plan. You must use the information you learn during biofeedback and practice at home. Following the plan diligently will help you take the necessary steps towards a continent and healthy lifestyle.
Please call the office for further information or a free brochure.
PFT-Information for patients 1/19/09

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